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The status of public health in the Netherlands is looking good. Our average lifespan is steadily increasing, and most people feel healthy and not restricted by activity limitations. However, we are also facing a number of major challenges for the future. To some extent, this is the flip-side of our success: as the number of people over the age of 65 increases, there is also a proportionate increase in people struggling with chronic diseases and social issues, such as loneliness. There are also new developments which could affect our public health, such as increased pressure on our day-to-day lives. The issues we are facing require an integrative approach and the comprehensive engagement of relevant stakeholders. A great deal is already being done in society to tackle these challenges. We can continue to build on these efforts in order to help us prepare more effectively for the future.

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Future developments: what can we expect?

Summary of the main trends in the Trend Scenario and Thematic Foresight Studies by means of eight themes

De impact van vergrijzing

Better health, yet more disease

Increasing pressure

Lifestyle and living environment

Vulnerable groups

Health care expenditures are increasing

Health care is changing

Emergent risks

How can we deal with the challenges we are facing?

Important findings and recommendations based on the Options for Action

Key challenges

Options for action for 3 challenges

Opportunities and focal areas