The Public Health Foresight Report 2018

VOICE-OVER: The VTV-2018 explores the future.
If we continue down the current path without change,
what will our public health look like in 2040?
Due to aging, there will be one and a half million more seniors than at present.
We are living longer, and the life expectancy keeps increasing.
Diseases of old age, like dementia, will increase substantially.
Health care expenditures will continue to rise,
as the population ages and medical options keep growing.
We will smoke less, but we will be more overweight.
Different population groups will be affected differently.
Many people will have a disease and often several at the same time.
Even so, we don't feel less healthy.
The Trendscenario shows which challenges we face.
The VTV explores how we can deal with them.

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